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Thank you for coming our world--- the GOOD’S, which stands for long

live, professional enthusiasm and attractive force!
When you step into the area, you can relax yourself and

keep your balance in the heart. 
This balance comes from the balance of development and ecology, which

perhaps originates from the balance of plantation and breeding in the

world’s longevity town, or the balance from the release of concerns for food

safety, or the balance of matter and spirit, etc.
The Good’S Organic Industry and its brand culture undertake the code of

longevity of the world, who concerns the extremes of solicitude in the

aspect of balance between development and ecology, substance and spirit,

mind and situation for the nationality and society!


In order to pass the organic products certification, there should be no pollution 80 km around the agricultural base.

Pioneer of organic industry in China


The organic conversion takes three years, which also needs to meet the organic certification standard, and the Quality Supervision Bureau will carry out supervision on it from time to time.

As the top-grade product, organic food doesn’t contain hormones or pesticides, and the agricultural base needs three years of organic conversion!

Encountering the GOOD’S Organic Group

Guangxi Good’sOrganic Agriculture Group Co., Ltd. was established on January 6, 2015 based on the original Guangxi Leye County Good’s Tea Co., Ltd. through capital increase and share expansion, with its registered capital of RMB 80 million and business scope of organic tea, organic rice, organic vegetables, organic fruit planting, processing and marketing;breeding and marketing of organic livestock and poultry, project planning and implementation of organic agriculture industrialization,development and marketing of green seedlings and mountain spring water; tourism and catering services.




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